K. Linnea Backe is a photographer living in New York City. 

"Making pictures is a way of life for me. I picked up a camera, and knew it was home. I feel a need to see the images of the day to day life that surrounds me, right down to the smallest detail. I make pictures everywhere I go, holding onto what I see in my mind or with a camera. For me photography is a way to watch the rhythms of the world as it dances through the seasons and as a way of engaging with its secrets."

I am now graduating from The International Center of Photography in New York City, where I was awarded The ICP Director's Scholarship. 

Feel free to contact me on klbacke@broadpark.no or kbacke19@students.icp.edu











One year program, Creative Practices, at The International Center of Photography NYC

The Photography Master Retreat, July 2017, with Elisabeth Biondi, Lyle Rexer and Martine Fougeron as mentors

Olav E. Storm, mentor Oslo

Six years of music performance, musicology and pedagogy from Barratt-Dues Musikkinstitutt and the University of Oslo

Two more years of University at the University of Oslo, faculty of medicine

Exhibitions and curatorial work

The Underground Almanac at The international Center of Photography NYC

Pride Art 2018 - pictures of culture personalities - with production stipend from Oslo County

Lenscratch - My Favourite Picture from 2017 exhibition

Projected in winner exhibition PX 3 - 2017

SIPAContest exhibition, Siena Italy

Nocturnals at Eufemiadagene. Oslo. 22.- 24.9. 2017

The 2017 Love Letters Exhibition - Lenscratch

Cyan Galleri, stipendie utstillingen/Scholarship Exhibition

4th Biennal of Fine Art & Documentary Photography - Berlin Foto Biennale 2016. Palazzo Italia, Unter den Linden 10, Berlin. October 6 - October 30, 2016

Skeive Kunstnere 2017

Beat Art & Mail Art, UiA Agder University

SeeMe Exhibitions, The Chasama Galla, June 8th, New York, NY

Solo exhibition Cyan :salong Oslo

Co arranging and curating the group exhibition Linjer og kurver/Lines and Curves Cyan :galleri

Scholarship exhibition Cyan :galleri over 2014 and 2015

Juried exhibition Preus Museum, Horten, Norway

Solo exhibition OMLF, Oslo Culture Night

Summer&valentine exhibitions at the Photographic Eye

In the collection of/artwork in public places

Agder University

MPO Oslo


The Director’s Scholarship from The International Center of Photography

Production stipend from Oslo County

Books, catalogs and other publications

Catalog of the Underground Almanack, ICP 2019

EPTA Conference catalog 2017

Fraction Magazine

Lens Culture, Editor’s Pick



Norwegian Financial Daily



Haugesunds Avis

Rogalands Avis

Brønnøysunds Avis

Tidens Krav

Vårt Oslo



Igpoty 2009 book

PX3 2017 and 2015 book

Book of the Berlin Photo Biennal

Leaders handbook KFUM/KFUK

Author's portrait in Trond Værnegg's book trilogy

Author's portraits for Hilde Susan Jægtnes

One Dance UK






Valentine&summer editions of LÓeil de la Photographie over several years


This isn’t Happiness™




Laura Valenti's web page


Awards from International Photography Awards and PX3 over several years, SIPA contest, 6th and 8th edition of Julia M. Cameron Awards and IGPOTY